Nice chill night out of some highballing and soloing the other…

Nice chill night out of some highballing and soloing the other week, we tried catching the better conditions while the sun was down but the midges were out in full force.

In other news the training is now in full swing, the goals have been set and the psych is high! 💪

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Nice but hot week away in the peaks. Some really good night…

Nice but hot week away in the peaks. Some really good night sessions to get the projects done, sadly for me I didn’t get much harder than a V7, not the V9/10s I was looking at but there’s no way I was pushing grades in those condies.

James smashed it this trip, coming away with ticking his long term project and V6 classic Green Traverse. After a constant battle with the sweaty conditions he got it on our last day out there(last day best day)

My brother was making some great progress after not climbing for years, it always astonishes me how he can come back after so long and still crush it on the rock. Always lots to learn from the people you surround yourself with!

Finally now we’re back home it’s time to train again, starting Monday we’re going to be in full swing of surpassing limits and trying our hardest.. let’s see where it takes us 💪

We’ve been having a good mix of outdoor/indoor recently,…

We’ve been having a good mix of outdoor/indoor recently, some still training for big projects in the future while others testing to see where they’re at after a long winter of hard work… First pic is of Martin on three pocket slab, a classic at the roaches. He’s made huge progress the last few months after coming back from font and I’m super psyched to see him get the send soon! 😁

For me, I’m battling about 1000 niggling injuries that have completely gone to my head, very hard to maintain psych for trying hard when your body is in full rejection but thats just the way it is.. hoping to get some good sends in the coming weeks and fix the damaged goods I’ve been carrying 💪

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Don’t usually post indoor pics as we’re kind of…

Don’t usually post indoor pics as we’re kind of outdoor elitists but it’s been a while since we’ve posted so I tried my hand at taking shots from our training session tonight.

Always good scenes during our sessions and lots of progress is being made. Ill go through a typical workout and if anyone has any critique then send it out way! 💪
-We start off with warming up doing a set routine with cardio+dynamic streching to get the body nice and nimble.
-Then it’s an arc cycle or two focusing on one aspect of climbing to improve on(precision/breathing/silent feet etc). Depending on the training were going to be doing will depend on the intensity of the cycle, for most of us as soon as we’re warm and ready we train.
-Campus board for 25-45 minutes was on the list today for Mike, Luke and James but Theia & Richard did some limit Bouldering + moonboard
-After that we group up and work on weaknesses and a variety of boulders giving advice and figuring out movement and gaining some quality experience.
-Once we’re all a bit knackered we got to the back of the gym for some weight work/antagonist and then finish with a stretch and a social.

We usually do this three times a week and then climb outside on the weekend! Thanks for reading and if you want to know more about our training then feel free to DM us 😁

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Warm evening out yesterday with @martinreid3 & @theiaab at…

Warm evening out yesterday with @martinreid3 & @theiaab at the roaches. The weather was beautiful which meant the condies were bad and the midges were being a pain as always but Martin still managed to smash his project and got a nice bit of mileage 💪 Was a shame about those random holes filled with Shit though… Beware of sinkholes people! 😂

Theia smashing it as well! Got a new ‘project’ that will go when the rock isn’t sweating… I say project but it’s more like one to finish when it’s bearable to climb.

Also in other news, our posts haven’t been hitting any hashtags for some reason so I’d like to thank you guys for the continued support! It’s really humbling knowing so many of you guys are enjoying our content so thank you dearly 😁 (at The Roaches Peak District)

Great day out last weekend in the pass with a few psyched…

Great day out last weekend in the pass with a few psyched individuals. It’s always a bit of a mission to walk up to the wavelength area but the rock quality is unreal… Really wish it wasn’t so humid as I think I could have got Wavelength, but that’s just the way it goes. Happy to get a couple 7A-7B’s at the cromlech while waiting got Cal to come save us from the flat battery 😂

@theiaab and @jamesmetzger1 working King of Drunks f7A, nice to see some limit projecting going on with classic lines. Tomorrow I’ll be up at the roaches helping someone do a charity climb for MIND, feel free to come on over and say hello if you’re about and any donations on their website is always incredible.

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Sweaty day at Gardom’s Edge last weekend. Myself and…

Sweaty day at Gardom’s Edge last weekend. Myself and @jamesmetzger1 were trying Kidneystone f7B/V8.
Way too shit conditions to get the send in but was nice to get Marks roof original on the second go! Its a weird one, I dropped the flash because of how I thought I remembered @ikidson getting through the crux rather than doing what felt natural! Great send mate, that end is burly 💪

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