Got our boy Will Murphy going 90 degree’s on the classic Banana…

Got our boy Will Murphy going 90 degree’s on the classic Banana Fingers over at Burbage North.

I remember one of my early outdoor climbing experiences, myself and Metzger jumped is his car and headed to the farthest crag we’d traveled to at the time. After a long drive through shit roads the satnav takes you on in the peak district (Im pretty sure skynet happened years ago and realised our one weakness is inconvenience the sly bastards) we made it to our destination, but sadly no Arnie… Piss tons of gritstone though so, I’ll say worth it.

The ground was completely covered in snow, so this was quite a few years back and eager Metzger jumped on Banana fingers. We recently discovered onsighting so it’s what we were all about and anything less was sin. After about 8 minutes and 10 attempts on the crux he still REFUSED to jump off; There’s not even a rest man, so god knows what he was having a minute on. But after a small crowed gathered because of my ‘extremely calm emotional encouragement’ (ever been to a zoo?) he managed to stick the final move and topped it out. A man who couldn’t feel his hands, feet or face managed onsighted his first 6A with pure will power and it will always be a smiling memory for us.