re millennial killing stuff post: so at my second job I edited a dissertation on how young consumers are changing luxury brands, like they won’t just buy the same identical handbag bc “oh it’s $designer!” like they’d rather spend that money on an experience etc, so brands have had to COMPLETELY change how they approach the new generation – I mentioned this to an older friend cause I thought it was neat & she went “yeah it’s weird how young people expect companies to bend over backwards for them”


My (much older) co worker was talking recently about how she wants the new $300 whatever designer bag, and I was talking about how me and the husband might set $300 aside to go up to House on the Rock for a weekend.

That seems to be pretty standard for the older people I know vs. the younger people I know. For $300, we could get a hotel room overnight, a couple good meals, into House on the Rock, and some money to spend on whatever while we’re there.

And she was just like “But it’s a kate spade bag.”

And I was like “And???? My purse has a unicorn on it I paid $5 for it at Goodwill and I can hold things in it to take up to House on the Rock.”